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Traffic Statistics for

You're a glutton for punishment, aren't you? Well, if so, here are more numbers from the traffic log archives.

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October 12th, 2001 was another symbolic and fairly meaningless benchmark here at We've had a somewhat impressive 1.5 million hits on our homepage. WHOO-HOO.

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In July 2001, there were 96,800 unique visitors, at least one of whom was YOU. There were 6.8 million "raw" hits and two million page impressions (also called "page views"). That ain't chicken feed. Nope, not even in the same food group as chicken feed. Visitors stayed an average of 14 minutes on the site--a clear signal that the GNP is in serious trouble. Here are the rest of the numbers, in case you care.

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June 2001 was a healthy month at in terms of traffic. There were 90,512 unique visitors who stopped by the site, many of whom were not incarcerated. There were 5.8 million "raw" hits.

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May was a spiffy month in Dribbleville. (Not a real place.) There were more than 108,000 unique visitors, and 5.7 million "raw" hits. People spent an average of 12 minutes during their visit to the site. This fact has been deemed one of the major reasons for the decline of productivity throughout the world.

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In April 2001, 92,034 unique visitors stopped by the site. There were 5.4 million "raw" hits.

April, 2001

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April 11, 2001 was a big day here at That's the day we got our one millionth homepage hit. Yes, you read correctly--ONE MILLION. Not bad for a site that has no marketing or advertising budget, a site with a staff of NONE. Yes, the one million landmark is pretty arbitrary, BUT it's important to us. It is a symbol of the growth and vitality of the site. A symbol of just how great arbitrary landmarks can be.

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March, 2001 was another healthy month in terms of traffic for The chart below shows the vital stats.

March, 2001

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February, 2001 was a short month, but we did pretty well in terms of visitors. More than 100,000 people visited, and they helped us get a whopping 1.3 million page impressions. (That's a lot.)

February, 2001

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The first month of the new millenium was a robust month for traffic. We had 99,061 unique visitors and a whopping FIVE MILLION "raw" hits, with just over 1.4 million million page "impressions." Folks just like you (well, most of them are shorter, but otherwise pretty much like you) spent an average of 12 minutes on the site per visit. Either our graphics are taking a hell of a long time to download, or you like us, you really, really like us.

January, 2001

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In January, we also had our 750,000th homepage hit.

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December, 2000, was another rip-snorting month of new visitors and returning friends. We had 107,956 unique visitors (and a few that weren't particularly unique, so we won't mention them here). Overall, we got a relative whopping 4.8 million raw hits, and 1.3 million page "impressions."

December, 2000

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On November 30th, we were proud to get our 600,000th homepage hit.

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In November, 2000, we received 4.5 million "raw" hits, with more than 1.3 million page views (impressions) and 84,780 unique visitors.

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It was pretty big news around here when, on October 30, 2000 we reached half-a-million homepage hits.

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October 2000 was the first month in our history that we broke one million page impressions (1.1 million to be exact). We had almost four million "raw" hits, and more than 90,000 unique visitors. In English, that translates as "a lot." From what we can tell, there have been more than 380,000 visitors to our site since its inception. See all the vital stats in the chart below.

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On September 27th, 2000, we got our 400,000th homepage hit:

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September was another banner month for our site. (Still free of banners, too, we might add.) Our biggest problem? We just can't stop referring to ourselves in the third person. Still, we enjoy boasting about our 66,720 unique visitors in September, and our 2.7 million raw hits.

September, 2000

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In August, 2000, we had 2.3 million raw hits and nearly 650,000 page impressions. Those hits represent more than 50,000 unique visitors to our humble online humorcapade. We're as baffled by this success as anyone, especially given that we have no income from the site, no marketing or advertising budget, and relatively little knowledge of the Web. More details below...

August, 2000

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On August 8th, 2000 we hit a landmark, our 300,000th homepage hit! There were more than 40,000 visitors to our site in July.

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July, 2000

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Before that, on July 9th, 2000, we got our 200,000th homepage hit.

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On June 30th, 2000, our homepage got its 175,000th hit (with a little nudge from the folks at "Cool Site of the Day").

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As you can see from the statistics below, got an astonishing 1.3 million "raw" hits in June, and there were more than 37,000 unique visitors. Thanks for doing your part to put a smile on a Webmaster's face!

June, 2000

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On June 12, 2000, we got our 150,000th homepage hit!

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May, 2000

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On February 21, 2000, we hit a landmark-- 50,000 homepage hits!

On March 7th, another milestone--60,000!

On March was 70,000!

Then, on March 31, 2000 (just in time for April Fools Day, we might add), in an astonishing turn of events--and due in no small part to our new friends at Yahoo--we hit another milestone:

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On April 5, 2000 another round number was achieved:

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April 17, 2000 was a special day here at No, not because it was the Official Tax Day of the Year 2000, but because we hit the magical (no idea why) number, a startling 100,000 homepage hits:

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March, 2000

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February, 2000

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January, 2000

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