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At last, a practical use for the Internet—foretelling the future! Follow the instructions below carefully and the Interactive Oracle will predict your future with uncanny accuracy. You may find yourself skeptical at first, but the Interactive Oracle is never mistaken. Give it a try, but be careful what you ask for...

You will win the lottery. You will fall in love with someone from your past. You're going
to make
a wonderful

1. Place your pointer over any
one of the blue squares.

2. Now, move your pointer up or down
to the nearest white square.

3. Next, move your pointer left or right
to the nearest blue square.

4. Carefully, move your pointer diagonally
to the nearest white space.

5. Finally, move your pointer up or down
to the nearest blue square.

This is your future!
Don't believe it? Try it again!

Your greatest
passion will
bring you
great rewards.
Very soon
your prayers
will be
You will
receive great
news about
your health.
You will get
a hefty raise
at work.
A distant relative
will leave you
a surprise
You will
come across
a long lost
You will die
pathetic, alone
and wallowing in
your own feces.
A closely held
secret will be
revealed to you.

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