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Each year, hundreds of new color names are considered for inclusion in boxes of crayon. As you might expect, most potential color names never make the cut. Gathered here are some proposed crayons that weren't quite up to snuff.

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Scott Roeben, 2005

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Please be advised: The crayons satirized here should in no way be mistaken for actual crayons, or construed to be even remotely related to Crayola brand crayons. (Note: "Crayon" is a generic term meaning "stick of colored wax or chalk or other material for drawing.") The crayons pictured above absolutely do not bear the "federally-registered serpentine design trademark" of Crayola brand crayons. Why is that? Well, because the Crayola brand crayon people appear to have highly-paid attorneys who send "cease and desist" letters to Webmasters—and seem to possess a sense of humor no more evolved than that of certain species of sea sponges.