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Believe It Or Not:
We're Tooting Our Own Horn (Again)

On August 7th, 2002, one of our famed billboards made an auspicious appearance on Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Hosted by Dean Cain, Ripley's (which airs on powerhouse network TBS) scours the Earth for freaks, oddities and unbelievable phenomenon. We certainly fit into that line-up!

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One of the segments on the show is called "Spot the Not." In this segment, viewers (many of them having degrees from our nation's most prestigious community colleges) are challenged to pick a fake photo from a group of three. In this episode, three billboards were presented. Two were real. Ours was the fake.

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The voiceover identified our billboard as having been created "by two environmental activists who posted the billboard on their site." We're not sure this is true, but that's show business! This is the original billboard...

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It was so gratifying to see one of our images appear on this potentially award-winning program. Of course, the high point of the broadcast was when our site was listed in the show's credits (referred to in the industry as the "crawl").

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Unfortunately, the broadcast didn't result in a surge of traffic to We have no idea why. Hey, that's show business!

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Check out more billboards. (None of which were create by those bastards over at

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