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Our innovative memory enhancement technique is guaranteed to
dramatically increase your ability to remember important facts!

survey.gif (8063 bytes)How smart are you? Studies reveal that many of us sadly lack even the basics when it comes to history, math and science. This is an alarming state of affairs, and if this trend is not reversed, we are sure to become what experts call "drooling idiots" in the not-too-distant future.

So, what is the key to knowledge? Memory. The ability to retain and retrieve information is essential to our personal and professional success.

We here at have taken it upon ourselves to devise a groundbreaking new "memory enhancement system" which has proven immensely effective in imparting information so that it sticks. The key to this innovative memory enhancement technique is "association." Experts agree we are far more likely to remember information if we "associate" that information with something familiar or pleasing. (Or, for that matter, italicized.) Using this revolutionary technique, you can learn, and recall, difficult and obscure information effortlessly.

We guarantee you'll be astonished by the effectiveness of this new learning paradigm! It is sure to be an experience you'll never forget.

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