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Every Web site has a links page, which doesn't make all that much sense if you think about it. You go to all the trouble of creating a site, then you give people the perfect opportunity to leave. Well, if you must, go. Bookmark us first. It makes us feel loved.

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See our collection of Strange Sites Links.

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Las Vegas Children's Photography The man behind is also a kid photographer! It's Scott Roeben Photography, specializing in portraits of children and families in the Las Vegas area.

If you love Las Vegas and humor, check out our sister site,, from the moron who created The same moron writes about all the great things to do in Las Vegas for the city's Fremont Street Experience.

The Most Neglected Site on the Web This site's never been updated, and never will be!

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More Nifty Humor Sites

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Great Humor Sites

The Onion Hilarious spoofs of the news.

eBaum's World A collection of online games, cartoons, movies, pictures, prank phone calls and much more. Tons of funny pics, and not the same old shots we've all seen before. Drop on by! We'd love to say this guy is kidding, but we're horribly afraid he isn't. Funny videos, games, jokes, photos, comics and riddles, with new content daily. Amusing onling greeting cards for all occasions. Daily cartoons, a humor directory, jokes and more. Famous people. Funny atories. Thousands of anecdotes from Yeats to Gates.

Dave's Daily The funny, the strange, the bizarre, and more. We love funny pictures and weird news, and this site has it all. Choose from thousands of free joke lists, including dumb blonde jokes, dirty blonde jokes, redneck jokes and more. What's in a name? It's funny. It's a Web site. Isn't it comforting to know what you're getting?

Valley of the Geeks High tech humor and tons of funny ad banners.

bob1-t.jpg (5731 bytes)Beer Can Bob This clever site invites people around the world to submit their picture with Beer Can Bob. It's hard to resist that invitation—at lease we couldn't. Ours was the first submission from California.

Broken Newz News with a twist. Satire. Hey, if it ain't broken, it ain't funny enough.

The Best in Political Humor This section at is the place for the best in political humor.

I Should Be Working Entertaining paradise for slackers.

Jokes and Humor This is a big one.

Real News We go to this site hourly. Stop saying "addiction" like it's a bad thing.

News of the Weird Exactly what it says. Strange, but true, news stories.

Fortean Times News doesn't have to be made up to be fun.

Obscure Store & Reading Room Strange, but true, news from all over the Web.

USA Today: Slightly Off Center Real news. Real off center.

Bizarre News It's real. It's real...bizarre.


Bathroom Reader The Bathroom Readers' Institute has released more than a dozen editions of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. Humor, trivia, fallacies, forgotten history, bizarre news and more. Our favorite books ever.

Snopes Simply one of the most informative, enlightening, entertaining sites on the planet. Before you unwittingly pass along an "urban legend" e-mail to everyone in your address book, visit first for a little debunking! Simply one of the best sites on the Web. Just like the name says. It's a portal for trivia, games and other diversions.

Useless Knowledge Visit this site for an xtensive trivia archive. Not as extensive as ours, but nobody's perfect.

Movie Mistakes We love this stuff. Just like it says, goofs in our most beloved movies.

The Useless Information Home Page Because useless information is always in style.

Brain Candy Chock full of trivia and humor.

Wacky Uses Discover hundreds of little-known uses for everyday products.

Imponderables Question to all those nagging questions.

Fun Trivia Just what you'd expect—a vast array of trivia.

The Straight Dope More questions answered.

More Sites of Note

Animal Rights Stand Love animals? Love humor? Get both at this animal rights site from the folks that brought you Get funny animal rights merchandise and gifts, and learn more about what you can do to promote compassion for creatures big and small. Oh, and get funny animal pics, animal trivia and all the usual stuff, but with heart. Or something.

Twisted Billboards It's refrigerator magnets and a book based on our funny billboards. It's a palm-sized diversion sure to be a hit with friends, loved ones and co-workers (magnets stick to file cabinets and cubicles, you know). Check out "Twisted Billboards" today. No, we're not the boss of you. It's just a suggestion.

Don't Look Here For Answers. This is the somewhat official blog of Scott Roeben, the creator and mastermind behind

Kids to Kids Kids to Kids is an amazing nonprofit that gives books to at-risk kids. It's a great charity, and they've distributed more than 500,000 books to children. Give some money, and you'll feel even better about you. Send free art and photography e-cards or create your own e-card. Also try Creative Gifts and Gallery.

Color Wheel Pro This program allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real examples. We're terrible with colors, so this program is a lifesaver. Check it out!

Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys We're big fans of Dave Barry, and this is the new movie based on his book. The movie's extra cool because our buddy, Jeff Arch (who co-wrote "Sleepless in Seattle") directed and wrote the screenplay for the film.

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