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That's the Spirit:
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In a rivalry that is 121 years old, students at Yale University successfully pulled off the one of the most impressive pranks in the history of rival pranks. The students faked being members of the "Harvard Pep Squad," passing out pieces of paper to the Harvard side of the stadium. The Harvard fans were told that the pieces of paper would join together to spell "Go Harvard." Little did they know, when held up at just the right moment, the pieces actually spelled "We Suck."

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Warm:
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A psychiatrist who police say smeared excrement on dollar bills used to pay a parking ticket has been charged with harassment of a public official. Ronald Preston McPike, of Bonaparte, Iowa, was arrested at his office. McPike pleaded not guilty to the charge, a misdemeanor, and was released on 125 dollars bond pending a court appearance. Officers recently received an envelope labeled "Foreign brown substance on bills." Police said the envelope contained several dollar bills and a parking ticket made out to a vehicle registered to McPike. Tests indicated the brown substance was fecal matter and indicated that the stain patterns resulted from the matter being smeared on the bills.

A Protest Most Foul:
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Talk about humorless. Ice hockey bosses in England were forced to rethink plans to stage the country's first "turkey bowling" event after falling foul of animal rights protesters. The original plan had been to get two fans to compete for the title of "Great Turkey Bowling Champion." It would have involved bowling frozen turkeys down the ice at bowling pins. But when animal rights campaigners saw an article publicizing the event, they complained and threatened to demonstrate outside if the contest went ahead. As a result, hockey officials decided to use plastic turkeys instead. Read more.

Just Following Orders:
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Four Wendy's restaurant supervisors, all at different stores in the Boston area, were told that their employees were stealing from customers, and were instructed to conduct immediate strip searches. The managers complied. Wendy's released a statement that said, "Our deepest apologies go out to our employees who were drawn into this scam. They thought they were responding to the direct orders from the police." The supervisors have been suspended with pay pending an investigation. Read more.

Taking a Bite Out of Crime:
The Award DOES NOT Go To...

This one's nothing to smile about. Putting a bite into crime, thieves stole a man's pickup truck and cargo trailer recently, apparently not realizing that it contained at least 25,000 sets of gag teeth, commonly known as Billy Bob Teeth. A distant cousin of plastic Halloween vampire fangs, the Billy Bob novelty items make the wearer appear to sport crooked, decayed, tobacco-stained teeth. Greg O'Dell, a distributor of Billy Bob Teeth, reported that he had a delivery of between 25,000 sets of teeth stored overnight in his cargo trailer, hitched to his pickup. Someone made off with the truck and trailer, and the cargo along with it. At $10 per set of rotten-looking teeth, the delivery was worth more than $300,000 retail.

Groucho Lives:
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Michigan high school student Joe Kavanagh always wanted to break a world record, so he gathered 800 sets of black glasses with fuzzy eyebrows and mustaches. About 800 students and faculty members at East Lansing High School donned the disguises in an effort to break the Guinness World Record for "Most People in One Place at One Time Wearing Groucho Marx Glasses." The previous mark was 522 people. Participants at the 1,180-student school had to wear the glasses for 20 minutes to break the record. "I didn't think that many people would actually do it,'' Kavanagh said. "I'm relieved and excited.'' Kavanagh compiled signatures and photographs of the event, which he will send to Guinness representatives in the hopes of making the record official.

Drinking Like a Fish:
The Award DOES NOT Go To...

Law enforcement officials sometimes seem to lack a funny bone. Three Polish divers face a police investigation for possible illegal fishing and animal abuse after a news photo showed them plying a freshly caught pike with champagne at an outdoor party. "They may have committed offenses of poaching and maltreating a fish," said Maria Niedziolka of the National Fishing Authority. The picture in a Polish daily newspaper showed three frogmen neck-deep in a lake, with one of them tipping a bottle of cheap Russian bubbly into the fish's open mouth. One of the divers told a news agency they had found the pike half-dead and wanted to "restore it to consciousness by treating it with champagne." It was not clear whether the fish survived. Police said it would not be needed as evidence in the investigation.

Levity and the Law:
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O.K., maybe we spoke too soon. Apparently, not all law enforcement officials are humorless. The familiar black and white speed limit signs in some parts of Burlington County in New Jersey aren't getting drivers to slow down, and they typically don't get too many laughs. But officials in this rural area believe new signs going up should do both. The signs include messages like, "Free Speeding Tickets Ahead" and "Meet Our Judge: Exceed 25 Miles Per Hour." Vincent Farias, a Burlington County official, saw similar signs in a nearby town and thought they might work in Burlington County, too. "The signs are designed to attract attention by employing humor to make people more aware of speed limits," Farias said. The signs are destined for places where speeding is a persistent problem. If they reduce speeding, they might be put up elsewhere in the county, Farias said.

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