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Actors have the Oscars. Musicians have the Grammys. Now, the world has the Awards! (Oh, stop with the shrugging.)

We're bestowing the highly-coveted Award on those who keep the spirit of laughter and play alive in the world—those who exemplify the philosophy of drinking deeply from the Dribble Glass of life.

Of course, we're also happy to poke fun at those humorless half-wits who try to smother that spirit of fun. And, no, this award does not involve a cash prize, so don't ask.

Guerilla Marketing:
The Award Goes To...

Drivers deal with many distractions everyday, but on a road in South Carolina, an advertising site not only slowed down traffic, but officials say it may have contributed to an accident. Drivers were shocked after seeing what appeared to be a person in a gorilla suit hanging from the billboard by a parachute. It turned out to be a dummy, but firefighters took it down anyway so it wouldn't distract any more drivers. It took them about an hour to cut the gorilla loose, and during that time a car ran into another one. Officials believe rubber-necking was the reason. The Richland County Sheriff's Department says whoever did this could face criminal or civil charges. Advertising company owner Don Woodsmall says, "It's a jungle out there and we just wanted to help our advertisers with guerilla marketing." He says he is shocked by the idea that rubbernecking due to the display might have caused the accident.

Still Guilty After All These Years:
The Award DOES NOT Go To...

In a scene from his candid-camera program, "Juiced," O.J. Simpson pulled a prank involving the infamous white Bronco, drawing criticism from the family of the man he was accused of killing. As part of the pay-per-view show, Simpson pretended to sell the Bronco at a used car lot and boasted to a prospective buyer that he made the vehicle famous. "It was good for me, it helped me get away," Simpson said, referring to the slow-speed police chase that preceded his 1994 arrest on charges of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Goldman's father, Fred, said he found Simpson's comment "morally reprehensible." Read more.

Peso Typo:
The Award Goes To...

Filipinos could have collectors' items in their wallets after a small number of 100-peso bills slipped into circulation with an error in the Filipino president's name. The foul-up happened at a currency printer in Europe. On the front of the new 100-peso note, which is worth about $1.83, the last name of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is spelled "Arrovo," with a "v." "Those that are out already are legal tender," the central bank official said. "We're not releasing more of them. We're having it investigated." The central bank "has apologized to the president over the incident," Deputy Governor Amando Suratos said in a statement.

Ditzy Diva:
The Award Goes To...

Mariah Carey made an embarrassing gaffe during a recent visit to a French restaurant. A prankster pal told the singer that the French phrase, "Ce repas était si excitant que je me suis fait dessus" meant, "That meal was wonderful, I'll have to come here again." Unfortunately, when Carey used her new-found French vocabulary to thank some waiters, she was really telling them, "That meal was so thrilling, I've just wet myself." A source said, "Mariah wanted to impress the waiters by speaking their language. But she couldn't understand why they looked so shocked whenever she spoke to them."

Dud Spud:
The Award DOES NOT Go To...

Mr. Potato Head is now the "spokespud" for potato power. The plastic potato shed some pounds so he could help the United States Potato Board promote nutritional benefits of the country's most popular vegetable. "One of America's favorite toys is speaking up about his innate nutritious side by becoming Healthy Mr. Potato Head," said Ray Meiggs, chairman of the United States Potato Board and a North Carolina potato grower. "We're thrilled to have such a terrific tuber encouraging Americans to stay active and eat nutritiously." The spokespud will go on the road in 2006 to speak with elementary school students about healthy lifestyles.

Looney Clooney:
The Award Goes To...

George Clooney once made his best pal Richard Kind display a ghastly discarded painting in his home for two years, after pretending he painted it himself. Hollywood prankster Clooney worked on the elaborate plan for 12 months before putting his pal through the two-year embarrassment. He says, "I remember finding a painting that someone had thrown away. It was out by the garbage and I drove by it a few times. They were waiting for the trash collector to pick it up. It was this gigantic, awful painting. I finally stopped and picked it up and took it home and signed my name to it and framed it. And for about a year, my buddy Richard would go, 'Hey, you want to play golf?' And I'd go, 'I can't. I've got art class.' And then on his 40th birthday I said, 'My art teacher's really proud of me but this painting is the first one we're both really proud of. You've been so supportive, I want you to have it.' It hung over his couch for another two years and everyone knew except for him."

Pork Project:
The Award Goes To...

A town council in England is fighting back against political correctness after workers were told to remove toy pigs from desks because they offended a Muslim staff member. Council leaders say they will not accept "extreme forms of political correctness." Members of the council's benefits department were told to remove a series of toy pigs sent as a promotion, as well as pig imagery, from their desks. It came after a complaint from a Muslim worker who said she was offended by the items. The Koran forbids Muslims from eating and touching pork. Councillor Pat Martin told a full council meeting, "In Dudley we rightly pride ourselves on being fair and reasonable employers but we will not accept extreme forms of political correctness." Some members of the department saw it as "political correctness gone barmy." Read more.

The Award DOES NOT Go To...

The marching band at Hylton High School in Woodbridge, Virginia is going to have learn a different song. The band had added "The Devil Went Down to Georgia," by the Charlie Daniels Band, to its play list for an upcoming guest appearance in Atlanta. One letter, however, from a parent whose children are home-schooled, was sent to a local newspaper complaining that the song about the devil shouldn't be played at school events because of separation of church and state. The letter worked because the band's director has decided not to use it. The decision is especially unpopular with Charlie Daniels himself, who said he "doesn't write pro-devil songs," and that it's, "a shame," the band director would yield to one piece of mail.

Tricky Dick:
The Award Goes To...

A bank has apologized to a customer after sending him a debit card bearing the name "Dick Head." NatWest bank said it had launched an inquiry after Chris Lancaster, 18, of Tiptree, Essex, received a cash card with the wording, "Mr. C. Lancaster Dick Head." Lancaster said he did not spot the insult until he was handing over the card in a supermarket to pay for something a few days after it arrived in the mail. "I couldn't believe it," he said. "When I got the card out I saw the name embossed on it. I was so embarrassed I put it back in my wallet. I know I've been overdrawn a few times but I've done nothing to deserve this. The bank said it must have been a worker with a grudge."

Twisted Kids:
The Award DOES NOT Go To...

A 15-year-old boy who pinched and twisted the nipples of a 13-year-old has been sentenced to three days of community service for harassment. David Thumler, 15, said the "titty-twister" was just horseplay. The mother of 13-year-old Matthew Cox counters that the incident was humiliating for her son, who saw it as an assault from an older, bigger bully. Ken Chapman, a Jackson County juvenile probation supervisor, said Oregon law defines physical harassment as "offensive physical touching." That includes such adolescent antics as "wet-willies," "wedgies," "swirlies," "noogies" and all other forms of "Three Stooges" behavior. Read more.

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