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guide.jpg (8061 bytes)You’ve seen them before. They’re called "guide words"—those words at the top of dictionary pages that include the first word on the page and the last word on the page. Seemingly random words—innocuous and dry, right? Until we get our hands on them, that is. Here we’ve gathered the most interesting combinations of "guide words" in the Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. They’re all real, and some made us laugh really hard. Try this game with the dictionary you use. You may just find yourself laughing, too.

Words that Sound Dirty Somehow

Achy Acreage

Admittance Adult

Bamboo Curtain Bang

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Change Chaps

Come Comfort Station

Definable Degenerate

Depravity Derived

Groin Groundnut

Harass Hardly

Inspired Instrument

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John Jolly

Low Lubricant

Nana Narrowness

Nude Numero Uno

Numerous Nuts

Offer Offstage

Pell-Mell Penetrate

Pricker Prime

Principal Parts Private

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Rub Rudder

Saleswoman Saltbox

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Servicewoman Set

Slop Basin Slug

Sportswear Spread Eagle

Stick Shift Sting

Tease Teenybopper

Tinkle Tissue

Tuck Tumult

Turnoff Tush

Whoa Whored

Womanlike Wood Pussy

Wretchedly Wrong

Great Rock Band Names

Bridal Path Brinksmanship

Cachet Cafeteria

Civilian Clan

Coke Collaboration

Cowhide Cracker

Cryptologic Cud

Damnation Dare

Faith Fall Apart

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Ghetto Gig

Hair Follicle Half-Life

High-Speed Hinge

Illumination Imbecilic

Impromptu Inactivity

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Modern Moisture

Nitro Nod

Optimum Orbit

Over-the-Counter Oxblood

Precious Predicament

Rah-Rah Rake

Reflexive Refuse

Reportable Reprise

Reverse Revolution

River Duck Robber

Secret Society Sedition

Spontaneous Combustion Sportsmanship

Step Out Sternums

Straight-Ahead Strangely

Sumptuous Sunshine

Trash Fish Treason

Triceratops Tricycle

Videocassette Village

Was Waste

Great Character Names

Chestnut Chickweed

Dolly Domino

Flatfoot Flea-Flicker

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Névé Newton

Pullman Punch

Silo Simon

Walkathon Wally

Phrases That Just Sound Funny

Caveat Emptor Celery

Cranium Crawler

Due Dump

Everblooming Ex

Facilitation Fagoting

Goiter Gondola

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Louden Low

Metaphysic Methinks

Nothing Now

Paper Clip Parachutist

Pig Pile

Platonic Player

Pom-Pom Poop

Poultry Power

Respirator Restored

Retentive Retreat

Sick Leave Sidestep

Singular Syphon

Slink Slop

Tampon Tansy Ragwort

Tea Bag Tease

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Weary Wedding March

© Scott Roeben, 2001. All rights reserved, whatever that means.

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