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If there's one thing there's plenty of on the Web, it's words. Which, technically, isn't one thing, but let's not get bogged down by details here.

This is the portion of where the words are kept. These are the articles, essays, ramblings, rants. Essentially, everything that's not a stupid picture. There's a place in the world for stupid pictures, of course, but sometimes a picture isn't worth a thousand words. The only thing worth a thousand words is a thousand words. Which, we're pretty sure isn't proper grammar, but again, let's not get bogged down with details like "grammar" or "spelling" or "knowing what a gerund is."

The subjects of these articles vary, but the underlying theme does not—we sometimes take ourselves, and the world, too seriously, and we're on a mission to put a stop to that. They say people don't actually read things on the Web. Prove them wrong and read your ass off. Which, we're fairly sure isn't possible, but let's not get bogged down by details.

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