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Chocolate: Sweet Stuff of the Gods

Sex Scandal Rocks Wonka Factory

Interview with a Swimsuit Model

Earthquake Survival Guide

The Case Against Exercise

Sex in the Animal Kingdom

The Dying Art of the Complaint

Who Gives A Follicle?

Colombia, Incógnito

Telephonically Speaking

You Were Saying?

The Story Behind the Story of the Nativity

Hockey Dory

Full of Smit

Getting the Perfect Job

Peace on Earth: By Tomorrow Afternoon

Europe on an Imprecise Number of Dollars a Day

What's So Funny?

Titanic: The Press Conference

Jewels of Denial

The Internet: Poor Man's Path to Olympus

Weather or Not

Bet You Can't Read This Whole Article

It's About Time

Viva Las Vegas

What Your Sleep Positions Say About You

Or Forever Hold Your Shepherd

The Evolution of Man

Fighting Counterfeiting



Super Powers

Don't Know Much 'Bout History

Somebody's Got To Do It


Say That Again...

Negotiation 2004

Body Parts 

The Game of Love...

Used Car Hell

Oh, Cult


The New Age and Other Signs of Mass Hysteria