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Admit it. You're curious. Your friend sent you a funny billboard from, or you wound up here when you searched in Google for "holy milkman" or "end table made of worms," or maybe you had some kind of seizure and your hands just typed into your browser. Well, no matter how it happened, you're here. Now you've found our FAQ. Congratulations on finding a way to waste another 10 minutes of your life.

Got-dribbleglass.jpg (14541 bytes)Q: What is a Dribble Glass?

A: A Dribble Glass is a classic gag item (see the goofy photo at left), from the same family of gag items as joy buzzers and rubber chickens. Find out more here. But the Dribble Glass is more than that. The Dribble Glass also serves as a handy metaphor here at It's a symbol of the importance of being able to laugh at ourselves, a reminder that life is too important to take seriously. That's why we encourage our visitors to "drink deeply from the Dribble Glass of Life."

Q: How many people visit

A: Thanks for asking. We love having folks drop by just to have a laugh or sing a song. It seems we just get started, and before you know it, it's the time we have to say, "So long." Or something. Most months, our site gets half-a-million visitors. This makes us smile, broadly. If you love relatively meaningless traffic stats, we have a whole bunch here.

Q: War. What is it good for?

A: Absolutely nothing.

Q: Does make a profit?

A: No, not yet. It actually costs us money to provide the world with "free" entertainment. (It's called bandwidth, and we use a lot of it.) But we're not bitter. We could probably make money doing this, but we hate banner ads. We think they're ugly, and they don't generate very much revenue anyway, so we ain't using them. We don't have a business model. Nor any other kind of model, unfortunately. If you have a model you're not using, send her our way, please.

Q: Do you accept contributions?

Of money? Sure. Of content, it depends. We don't publish articles submitted by other writers. However, we're always looking for funny pictures, jokes, trivia just about everything else featured on the site. Send your funny jokes, pictures or just about anything else to

Q: Do you pay for submissions?

A: That would be "no."

Q: What is the meaning of life?

A: Trick question. Life has no inherent meaning, other than the meaning with which we imbue it.

Q: Do you have a page where you brag about your site?

A: You mean aside from this one? Well, yes.

Q: On your site, you always say "we," as in "Billboards We'd Like to See." Who's the "we"? Is there a staff?

A: We think it's funny to talk about ourselves in the first person plural, especially given that there's just one of us. Using "we" makes it sound like we're a bunch of people—probably an editor, an art director, a Web designer and innumerable freelance writers and artists contributing to It gives our site some weight, and the appearance that we're in the same league as or or some other bigtime Web site. In truth, it's just one person. And that's the way we like it.

Q: Given that there's only one of you, who would that creative genius be?

A: Funny you should ask. Modesty precludes us from talking too much about ourselves, but if you really must know, go here.

Q: Can I use your wildly funny pictures on my Web site?

A: Sure. All we ask is that: 1) you do not alter the images—leave the domain name ("brand") on them, 2) let us know what you'd like to use, and 3) actually host the image on your site (in other words, on your server—don’t just link to the image on our site, that’s like stealing bandwidth).

Q: Do you have a wildly popular newsletter?

A: Well, we have a newsletter, anyway. Subscribe here.

Q: Can I read past issues of the newsletter?

A: We think you can get at past issues by going to the archive at Yahoo Groups (they host the newsletter). Just give this a try:

Q: What’s with the newsletter? I signed up, I haven’t gotten it yet. What’s up?

A: Our publication schedule is sporadic by design. We don't sent out the newsletter unless we have something good to send along. That happens about every other week or so. Sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. Remember, it's free. We do this because we enjoy it, but it's not how we make a living. It's free. Stop your whining.

Q: How can I support the wonderful and important work of

A: First, you can send words of support and appreciation to Next, you can purchase something at our online store, just click here. Or, you can always just make a donation. (Yeah, that's going to happen.)

Q: Can I submit my own question for this page?

A: Yes.

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