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Before and After You
Fall in Love



"You take my breath away." "I feel like I'm suffocating."
Twice a night. Twice a month.
"She loves the way I
take control of a situation."
"She calls me a
controlling and manipulative."
Ricky & Lucy Fred & Ethel
Saturday Night Live Monday Night Football
"He makes me feel like
a million dollars."
"If I had a dime for every
stupid thing he's done."
"Don't stop." "Don't start."
The Sound of Music. The Sound of Silence.
"Is that all you are eating?" "Maybe you should just
have a salad, honey."
It's like living a dream. It's a nightmare.
$60/dozen. $1.50/stem.
Turbo-charged. Needs a jump-start.
"We agree on everything." "Doesn't she have a
mind of her own?"
Victoria's Secret. Fruit of the Loom.
Feathers and handcuffs. Ball and chain.
Idol. Idle.
"He's lost without me." "Why can't he ask for directions?"
"When we’re together,
time stands still."
"This relationship
is going nowhere."
Croissant and cappuccino. Bagels and instant coffee.
Oysters. Fishsticks.
"I can hardly believe
we found each other."
"How the hell did I end
up with someone like you?"

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